PODERE LA CASTELLACCIA (The Castle Ruins), is a new biological farm with 54 hectares of land and is located on the wonderful hills of San Gimignano, half way from Florence and Siena: an uncontaminated place surrounded by nature.

Its name comes from the old Castle already existing during the IX century AD and destroyed may times. The actual colonic complex was rebuilt on its ruins form the XIII till IXX century, and has a farmhouse of 500 m2 and a hayloft of about 100 m2.

Alessandro and Simona husband and wife, cultivate above all vineyard, cereals and olives respectfully of nature, using only biological manuring and treatments.

The vineyard of 8 ha has a soil composed by Pliocene sands and lake limestone that guarantee the most suitable conditions for grape cultivation together with the right windy climate and a growing system called “cordone speronato” (rammed cord). All this guarantees a spontaneous and independent trhiving-production balance and a yield of 1 kg of grape per stem.
Cereals cultivated are mostly oats and barley as the main food for their own hourses. In fact they breed uncommon breeds in Italy such as Akhal-Teke’ and PSA the most suitable company to travel on the footpaths of the bygone era of pilgrims walking the Via Francigena together with really suggestive naturalistic itineraries.

A new agritouristc complex will arrive soon together with new vineyard plants.