Alessandro Tofanari
Alessandro, the owner, 48 years old, land surveyor: he has been dreaming of a farmhouse in the Tuscany counrty since he was a child. He was born in Florence where he lived until 1998 when he bought LA CASTELLACCIA.
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Simona Orsini
Simona, Alessando's wife, 45 years old, born in Florence where she lived until 2003. She loves nature and animals so deeply that she decided to become a vegetarian. She is Naturopathy pratictioner of Riza since 2003 and equestrian tourism guide.
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Raffaello Tiezzi
Raffaello is a young professional, with a degree in enology; he is a fundamental person for the cellar?s work. Thanks to him too, the daily tasks inside the property get done rapidly and correctly.
Paolo Marchi
Paolo is the oenologist of the farm, he take care of every vintage. He has great knowledge in wine making methods that, linked with the passion of the owner allows to improve and refine, year by year, the wine produced at La Castellaccia.
Fosco is Alessando?s father, and a milestone for the estate. He has always been a farmer since he began to work; he is champion in dogs?breeding. Still today he is involved in some works at La Castellaccia.He never misses the chance to let the staff knows his expert point of view about the estate?s administration.

Marco is getting degree in agronomy, and he has always been passionate about agriculture and country life; that is why, he normally helps the owners in the daily work at La Castellaccia, supporting the rest of the team.

Irene Alessandro's mother, a big cooker since ever. She is specialized in typical Tuscan farmy dishes such as ribollita (reheated vegetable soup), tortelli mugellani (a sort of ravioli), braised beef with chianti wine, etc. Her speciality: La schiacciata con l'uva, a cake made with bread stuffed with red grapes and rosemary.

Francesca is the lady of jam and cakes, Simona's mother. She is famous for the peaches in syrup and jams but especially her high pastry-making cackes and buiscuits ideal for morning breakfast or the end of a meal.